April 23-26, 2015
April 23-26, 2015
Cedarville Seminars for Optometric Vision Therapy
Cedarville Seminars for Optometric Vision Therapy

       What our attendees say about our Seminars:

As an OD just beginning to offer VT to patients, I was feeling overwhelmed and not quite sure where to begin. Dr. Montecalvo’s Strab/Amblyopia lecture helped to create a framework I could use that made sense to me. I will be taking her other courses as soon as I can.

- Dr. Alpa, California


I highly recommend the Cedarville Seminar Series because it not only provided me with excellent clinical knowledge to be successful at treating patients, but I also learned about systems that you can implement in your office to build a thriving practice. Over three weekends, you will learn everything there is to know to be successful, where it may take years to accumulate this information. This is one of the best financial investments that I have made, I cannot say enough great things about it.

-Dr. Monika, Illinois


Dr. Montecalvo provides a wealth of information in an enjoyable organized manner. I can’t wait until the next seminar.

-Dr. Linda, Illinois


Dr. Montecalvo does an amazing job of condensing her many years of experience and understanding of vision into a few days. She puts it at a level that is helpful for new vision therapists as well as those who have already been doing therapy.

-Dr. Tressa, Pennsylvania


The seminar was presented in a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Having time at both Dr. Montecalvo’s home and clinic gave a better understanding of how she practices therapy and exams. Very comfortable setting to ask questions and meet new friends who also have a passion for VT.

-Brian, COVTT, Wisconsin


The setting was very comfortable and the material was presented in a way that was approachable and unintimidating (even if you are new to VT) but yet at a level that keeps those with more experience engaged.

-Dr. Heather, Wisconsin


A great seminar to help me understand behavioral optometry. Easy to understand and can implement the material covered right away.

-Dr. Albert, Texas


This seminar was very informative. I loved the hands on workshops we did, they helped me to better understand each activity and to ask why we are doing them. Dr. Brenda Montecalvo made it very easy to understand and was very informative on each subject. After taking this seminar, I plan to go back and add and change several things about how I can do therapy better for my patients.

-Amanda, COVTT, Tennessee


I learned and became comfortable with a TON of new procedures as well as a great model to help structure both my in office and home therapy program.

-Dr. Leah, Ohio


I have to share something with the group, something very exciting. After the first seminar, we made it our priority to implement Brenda's vision therapy activities and started using the new protocol (grid) with our patients. We got some truly amazing results just after 8 sessions. We saw an 11 y/o boy who had severe CI with constant double vision and 4 months of VT at another doctor's office with no improvement in symptoms whatsoever. After 8 sessions of mostly Eye movement, doubling and yolked prism therapy, he no longer has double vision!!! And we have not even started any vergence therapy with him. Another college student with Divergence Excess and double vision had significant improvement in her symptoms after just 6 sessions! This is truly amazing. I encourage all of you to implement what you have learned so far, you will be so pleased with the results. And Brenda, I can not say enough about your way of doing vision therapy. It was definitely a paradigm shift and a great one too. Thank you for everything.

-Dr. Monika, Illinois


Brenda does a great job tailoring the course to the audience. She takes time explaining her approach to vision, at a level that everyone can understand. I look forward to the next two Courses!

- Dr. Samantha, Ohio


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