April 23-26, 2015
April 23-26, 2015
Cedarville Seminars for Optometric Vision Therapy
Cedarville Seminars for Optometric Vision Therapy

                                 Dynamic, Interactive Seminars for                                                         Optometrists and Vision Therapists,                                                Providing Practical Hands-On Experiences

Vision and Learning: May 31 - Jun 1, 2024  

  • Prescribing Lenses, Prisms and Occlusion for Performance
  • Dynamic Retinoscopy
  • Interpreting VO-Star and Cheiroscopic Tracing
  • Myopia Control
  • Time efficient OVT evaluation and programming
  • Detailed case reviews
  • Lots of Hands-On Workshops
  • COPE-accredited CE for the VIRTUAL attendeees 


Strabismus and Amblyopia: June 7-8, 2024     

  • New Evidence-Based Information for Effective Treatment
  • Understand the Visual Systems of Patients with Strabismus or Amblyopia
  • Learn Special Prescribing Techniques to Improve Outcomes
  • Participate in Interactive Workshops for Evaluation and OVT Procedures
  • Review and Discuss Cases Involving Strabismus and Amblyopia
  • COPE-accredited CE for the VIRTUAL attendees 


Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation (NOR): July 26-27 2024 (simultaneously Virtual and In-Person)            

  • Assess Patients with Neurological Insult
  • Prescribe for the NOR Patient
  • Prepare the Office & Learn How to Train Staff for NOR Patients
  • Design an Effective NOR Program
  • Develop Presentations for the Rehabilitation Team
  • COPE-accredited CE for the IN-PERSON attendees at Nova Vision Care, 4244 Indian Ripple Rd, suite 100, Beavercreek, Ohio 45440.

All attendees will receive the presentation materials prior to the seminars, and links to the recorded sessions after the seminars.


All attendees will receive an attendance certificate.




Friday:       9:00am - 6:00pm Eastern

Saturday:   9:00am - 6:00pm Eastern     


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